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  Kurt dropped out of his home schooling before finishing grade A-e555 and ran off to join the Balinese tandem brigade, where he learned that war is hecka whoa and not really "his thing, man". Through the extensive experimentation with the drug "ice" on an Indian reservation in Northern Jersey he learned the meaning to life and why he was put on this earth: dishwashing. It was at the sink of Louis Chicken and Meat House. that Kurt first started writing comedy. One night when the cook was too drunk to go on Kurt took the stage. The rest is history, or social studies, but definitely not trig. One can only thank the higher power ("Hi higher power!") for bringing Kurt's talent to us in these troubled times. Sit back and listen to these sketches and know that you have DONE SOMETHING to make the world a better place. Gosh bless the fuck out of you!
-Someone else besides Kurt Weitzmann

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