Johnny Sixpack and The Shotglass

impure thoughts


is that your final answer?


magnificent obsession


"Best Crap You Ever Heard"
 Well, what else can you say about Johnny Sixpack and The Shotglass? All of it was recorded in one of the few truly bohemian apartments left in The Haight, one take, no rehearsal, all improv, and always after a long night in the local bar. These songs were being written as you hear them and they were all recorded onto a regular boombox using its cheezy little built in condenser mic. Crap right? Yes it is, but it's compelling crap. We call it "Noise Poetry".
Out here, what you drink in the afternoon is often considered telling. Plain mineral water or Odwalla orange juice signals that you are sane and professional and moving ahead in a rational manner, with open hands, so to speak, wheras alcohol could spell inner unhappiness, mental turbulence, incipient breakdown. Unless your relation to alcohol is so reliably uncomplicated that it produces, every time, nothing more dreadful than joie de vivre.
P.S. an eggplant stacker never has to articulate anything. I just do what I do. Some people have to explain what they do, and some never have to explain or even think about what they do. I wonder if there is anything natural about explaining anything?

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