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I highly suggest the band Counterstep. I would love to go see these guys live. With kick ass songs like "Pivot" and "Brace for Impact" I want to hear more. Where can I buy the Cd? These guys have some great beats to keep me on the edge of my seat. I Highly suggest anyone who wants to hear some good music to check out Counterstep.


Written By Reyna Young

When The Dead Walk


If your in the mood for some Metal Punk Rock I suggest this band. Their first Demo is a great effort. The sound quality isn't to well but shit they're doing it and putting it out there. I fell in love with a song called "Blues for a dead age" I love it. "Blades Theme" is pretty good too. Those songs caught my ear pretty good. I was rockin it out on my seat. I  suggest stopping by at


Review By Reyna Young

The Hardway


These  punk rock boy's right out of San Francisco know how to bring they're love of music alive. Consisting of Mortimer "Forty" Lopez on Vocals and Guitar,  Danny Sando on Bass and back up Vocals, and Kalon Forrest on Drums. These boy's are not only musically talented but also fun to watch live. They're latest Album "Bout Had Enough" is a fun, original roller coaster ride from song to song. My personal Favorite would be "Kalons birthday song" and also "Down in Flames" These guy's know how to make a crowd jump and dance, if you would like to hear more from them just check out they're music on I guarantee you after hearing one song there's no turning back. You'll want to hear them all.  

Reyna Young

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